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Bullish / Bearish Stocks for day trading

We have listed Top 10 Stocks to Buy or Short sell in a day for free. We update this page every trading day before 9 am. We suggest you to add this 10 stock to your screen before market opens for trading. Kindly note that we are not giving any followup of this stock via phone or email. Traders are requested to maintain a strict stop loss if they have taken buy positions. Please don't overtrade, as share market

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Five Bullish Stock -Shares to Buy Today & Sell Later in a Day.

In simplest terms for novice traders, a bullish stock is a stock that is trending upward. When day traders or even investors are confident that a stock will remain bullish they will continue to buy it. Suppose if Nifty is in green & If the stock opens with a gap up or gap down but continues to rise beyond the opening price, you can call Buy this stock with a strict stop loss of 1.5% for day.

So if below mentioned stock are trending up & also if nifty is moving ahead, you can opt for Buy first and Sell Later Stocks For Todays Trade, Shares to Buy Today are NO-SCRIP, NO-SCRIP, NO-SCRIP,NO-SCRIP, NO-SCRIP

Five Bearish Stock - Short-Sell First Buy Later.

A Stock that is going down in terms of price of the stock, is a bearish stock. If a stock is trending downward you have to Sell first and buy later to cover your short sell order. If Nifty is in red & if the stock opens with a gap down and continues to fall beyond the opening price & makes new low or also its trading near its days low, we advise you to Short Sell This Stock with a strict stop loss of 1.25% for day.

For Todays Trade, Top Five Bearish stock are NO-SCRIP, NO-SCRIP, NO-SCRIP, NO-SCRIP, NO-SCRIP

Shares to Buy Today for Day Trading

Best Stock to Buy Today
We have already listed best Five Stocks to Buy today for day trading as above. Still we think that this three stocks can make a major upmove today & a trader should buy for today are NO-SCRIP, NO-SCRIP,NO-SCRIP. We want traders to conentrate on above stocks and take positions as per their risk taking capability. Don't overtrade and try to earns Lakhs of ruppes in single trader or in a day. Nse opens daily, from monday to Friday, and is close on public holidays. We want traders to fix a daily income and loss limit, once your reached the limit, squareoff your all positions and exit from the market.

FII / DII DATA - updated on FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 29, 2023

Foreign Institutional Investor (FII) / Foreign Portfolio Investment FPI DATA
Domestic Institutional Investors (DII) DATA
NET SELL  :   -1685.7 CR.
NET BUY  :   2751.49 CR.

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