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Best App for Mutual Fund Investment 2021

Mutual fund investment app – now a days due to affordable smart phones, super speed internet, higher used of computers, easy access, and high penetration has significantly changed the way we are investing in mutual funds. Earlier, if an person wanted to invest in mutual funds or equity stocks, he or she would either need to do it via a broker and invest his money.

The hassle for users was that they never had the option of being able to invest across different mutual funds from the comfort of their homes. Nor did they have access to a wide range of information and performance reports to help guide their investments so that get better returns on their investments.

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Which is the best app for mutual fund investment?

We have made a comparative study of two best app to invest in mutual funds 1) Groww App 2) Etmoney App

Groww – Best Mutual Fund App in India 2021

Groww– A Direct Mutual Funds App has become one of the fastest-growing apps in the Indian mutual fund industry. Groww has its Headquarters in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. Its Owned by Nextbillion Technology, The Key people in the company are Lalit Keshre (CEO), Harsh Jain, Neeraj Singh and Ishan Bansal.

Informative Content in Groww App

Groww has a very simple and interactive user interface so that a novice person can invest his hard earned money in mutual funds with ease just like A1 Intraday Tips website. If you are at the very beginning of your Mutual Fund investments, this app is just for you. Groww has free eBooks, informative and educative blogs, and resources to help investors / beginners learn the basics of stock market trading, mutual funds and investment that can assist them to make an informed investment decision. Mutual Fund Minimum Investment SIP Plan Rs. 100 Per Month, so even a student can start investing in mutual funds from their pocket money.

Safety in Groww App

According to a number of online broker comparison sites, Groww has been certified as a safe to use app. This means that the money or any kind of investment done on this platform will not be a scam or get hacked easily. Investing in mutual funds on Groww is completely safe. All personal information is stored using 256-bit encryption. Besides, all transactions to and from AMC is done via BSE. Groww app offers over 3000 mutual funds from over 30+ AMC

Not only MF investments but Groww also works as a Stock trading platform. Therefore, you can open an account and start your stock trading journey with Groww anytime. You can directly invest in mutual funds at zero commission and negligible broker fees at trading stocks.
How do I use my mutual fund on Groww app?

Not only MF investments but Groww also works as a Stock trading platform. Therefore, you can open an account and start your stock trading journey with Groww anytime. You can directly invest in mutual funds at zero commission and negligible broker fees at trading stocks.

How do I use my mutual fund on Groww app?

  1. Step1: Type the Name of Mutual Fund, this will show you various options as you type the name.
  2. Step 2: Choose the Mutual Fundto Invest in.
  3. Step 3: Tap the button ‘Invest Now’
  4. Step 4: Enter Amount that you want to Invest in Mutual fund.
  5. Step 5: Choose Date of SIP, on which you want to invest.
  6. Step 6: Confirm all the details.
  7. Step 6: Proceed with the Complete Payment.

Key Features:

  • Groww has very Simple and interactive user interface.
  • Quick Link to Dashboard to track the investments, annual returns, and total returns on your investments
  • Apps available for different operating systems and an easy sync feature for cross-platform access
  • Simple registration, easy one-step KYC for account creation
    128 bit SSL encryption ensures all your transactions are secured
  • It has a SIP calculator that allows you to calculate the return of investments easily in mins
  • It provides option of Low initial investment for mutual funds, i.e you can start a SIP with as low as Rs. 100 too

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ETMONEY – Best Mutual Fund App

ETMONEY has processed over 2 crore investment orders and posted more than Rs 500 crore in mutual fund sales within two years of its launch. The app has more than 40 lakh users and offers a range of financial products including insurance, loans, cards and systematic investment plans (SIPS), apart from mutual funds.

ET Money app is overall a 5 Star product that helps you save money, build a habit of investing and gives you a very report of your investment portfolio. ETMONEY does not charge anything for the mutual fund investments as it offers direct plans. It helps in earning more returns than the regular plans.

ETMONEY from Times Network is one of India’s best platforms when it comes to mutual fund investments. The application is light and really easy to navigate. The best thing about the ETMONEY app is that even if you are at the early stage of investing on Mutual Funds, you can have great insights about your investments from the application itself. Etmoney also offers personal finance strategies dedicatedly created considering your financial goals and obligations. Not only that but you get to access a range of financial services like buying insurance policies, instant loans, direct mutual fund investments through SIP etc.


It is the safest option, If you plan to invest in mutual funds through ETMONEY APP. As a financial technology app, it guarantees highest level of security of financial data and transactions.

We at A1 Intraday Tips has listed some important reasons about Why ETMONEY is one of the safest financial apps to invest in mutual funds:

  1. ETMONEY, the Times Internet backed finance app is a Times of India Group Company
  2. Association of Mutual Funds of India (AMFI) certified distributor
  3. The ETMONEY app has surpassed 5 million downloads on Google PlayStore
  4. Strict PCIDSS compliance at the payment getaways on its app
  5. Highest rated and reviewed Mutual Fund app on Android Play Store and Apple App Store

Key Features:

  • Automatically classifies expenses in various categories and helps to track
  • Offers Tax saver solution for free through which you can save up to Rs. 46,800/-
  • Easy integration with several UPI payment apps such as Google Pay, PhonePe, Paytm
  • Allows you to invest in best performing mutual funds for free

The bottom line. Both Groww and ETMONEY are free apps and offer a great way for users to invest their capital and to grow their wealth. While the Groww app may be suited for beginners in this space, the ETMONEY app overall does offer a lot more additional features and adds more value when compared to Groww

Both Groww and ETMONEY are well-established applications in this domain, and each one has well over a million downloads on the Google Play Store.

While both apps do have a great set of features specific to mutual funds and investments, ETMONEY provides the user with many more additional features, adding more value to the user. If you want to do day trading you can download A1 intradaytips app from Play store to get daily nifty levels and free equity calls for life time.

A1 Intraday Tips Verdict: App ETMONEY Gets 5 Star Ratings from us, While Groww App get 4.7 Star Ratings

15 X 15 X 15 & 15 X 15 X 30 Rule of Mutual Funds

Rule of Mutual Fund

Investing As per research done by A1 Intraday Tips team, if a Investor follow 15 X 15 X 15 rule of Mutual Funds and does a INR 15,000 SIP per month for 15 years which earns average 15% compounded annual returns, He will accumulate INR 1 CRORE (against total investment of INR 27 lakhs ) If the Same Investor follows 15 X 15 X 30 rule of mutual funds, and does a 15,000 SIP per month for 30 years (instead of 15 years as earlier), at a 15% compounded annual return, He will be able to accumulate 10 crores (against 1 crore if you invest for 15 years). This returns shows that Regular habit of investing and giving time for your Investment is very important than timing your investment for Wealth Creation.

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