Intraday Tips

How does a trading tips company give accurate Intraday Tips?

Here are a few secrets of accurate Intraday tips given by a trading company.

As the share market shows higher and higher rallies and both the SENSEX and NIFTY records new high, it boosts the confidence of investors. They put more money in the market to make it bullish further.

Though it is always suggested to invest in the mutual funds for the long-term investment, trading is also a good way of making money fast. Particularly for those who possess the in-depth understanding of the market movement.

In the daily trading market, people follow two types of strategies.

  • Intraday trade: In this trade, you buy and sell the same stock same day.
  • Delivery trade: Here, you buy the stock and sell on the subsequent trading day or later.

Intraday trading is a tricky business because you need to have a sound grip on the stock price movement. However, it is a more profitable option because the surcharge and taxes are less as compared to delivery option.

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Correct intraday tips can reap big profits for you

As mentioned earlier, one has to be very much vigilant and alert while trading intraday. To make the task easier, people use intraday tips sent by brokers or investment consultants.

It is a common observation that in most of the cases, the probability of earning handsome amount is 50%. It means, the so-called ‘sure shot tips’ also don’t work.

There are very few companies that give outstanding tips that rarely fail. Remember, it is possible to make profits by intraday trading only if you consistently earn well.

Even one or two trades can set-off the profits made earlier. Therefore, follow a company that has almost 100% success rate on record.

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How can a trading company give correct tips?

This question always comes in the minds of those who are indulged in stock trading. When the market is so volatile and uncertain, how can a few companies predict it up to such a high level of accuracy?

Well, it is a fact that no trading company can claim 100% success rate. Even if the success rate is 99%, it is pretty high.

Here are a few reasons companies achieve very high success rate in intraday trading:

  1. They have qualified research analysts who are experienced in the niche. Research says that people having more than five years of experience can give pretty good tips.
  2. The research analysts make use of accurate, real-time data from reliable sources.
  3. They make use of state-of-the-art software which gets updated according to the changing trends and market movements.
  4. These companies have outstanding IT infrastructure and incredibly accurate systems.
  5. Their analysis wing is constantly busy in modifying and enhancing the correctness of the processing logic using modern technology such as Java, C++, Python and so on.
  6. The analysts have a detailed knowledge of company performance, profit ratio, financial condition and other aspects of the stock. Hence, they can predict accurately with great precision.

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