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What should you Know before Trying Intraday Trading?

About Intraday Trading

Intraday trading means buying or short selling stocks or taking long or short positions in securities and squaring off the positions before the end of the trading day. The day trader can executes his buy and sell order in a gap of 1 min, in a 1 hour or even in 4-6 hours, but he should square off his positions before market close, is term as day trade. The tools and techniques used for Intraday trading are fundamentally different from those used for long-term investing.  Day trading requires two entities / traders for a trade, one trader to sell and the other trader to buy the same stock. The stock market is very volatile; it can go up and sometime can come down too. A day traders should not trade and depend only on the market going up. A trader can make a profit even when the market is going down, by first short selling the stock and covering his short sell order by buying the stock at lower price after some time, before market close. Technical Analysis i.e Reading charts, using technical indicators should be done before you do day trading in a particular stock in NSE share market.

A trader needs to do good research to buy stocks for Intraday trading, and he should as per the market trend. Intraday traders have to be quick on their moves of buying and selling with strict stop loss. Trader should know and follow some strict Discipline which is very important if they really want make gains in day trading.

Here you know what is important before you try Intraday trading.

Important to Know before you Try Intraday Trading

  • Open a Demat cum Trading a/c.:   You will be needed a Demat cum Trading Account to start your trading. We want every day trader do proper research and read the terms of services before you register with a good broker and fill their forms to open your trading account. Account opening charges, Annual Maintenance Fees, Transaction fees should be discussed and compares with available broking houses in your local area/ city.
  • Learn to Use the Trading Software: Before a trader Execute his First Intraday Trade a trader should learn to use the trading software, given by his broker to trade in share market. He should know how to put buy / short sell orders in NSE market. He should know about market orders and limit orders too. He should have knowledge of putting stop loss orders. He should learn about equity, stock futures, options, trading indicators etc.
  • Trade with the Extra Money not Emergency Money:  Trader should keep aside some emergency money and use only the extra money he has to do day trading. Day trading can be risky, as any bad news can make market crash at any time, and any good news and make it go higher in matter of minutes. Also trader has to keep some emergency money with him, which he should not use for day trading.  This is because In any case, if any day trade goes the other way and trader suffers loss, this should not matter to his day to day life.
  • Do Paper Trading: Paper trading also called as Virtual trading or trading without risking your money.  To avoid your capital losses, we advise trader to do paper trading before they actually start trading in NSE market with their real money.  When they start making profits doing paper trading, we advise them to shift to actual online trading with your own hard earned money.
  • Proper Entry and Exit:  Traders should have several day trading strategies to determine when to enter at a particular price and when to exit at correct price. A combination of support and resistance prices of a stock can be used to take call on day trading entry and exit levels. Timing is the key in Intraday trading. If trade happens on a proper time, you can make profits and vice versa.
  • Smart and Consistent Trading Plan: You need a trading plan because it can help you make logical trading decisions and define the parameters of your ideal trade. A good trading plan will help you to avoid making emotional decisions in the heat of the moment.  A trader should prepare a smart plan and stick to his day trading plan, which includes his daily trading goals, his available capital for daily trades, his time commitment, his attitude to risk etc.
  • Choose liquid stocks:  A Day trader should trade in highly liquid stocks, he should stay away from Volatile stocks as well as in penny stocks.  Normally Stock listed in Derivative Segment, Futures segment, Nifty 50 stocks or Nifty 100 stocks have very good volume and traders should choose stocks from the same. To succeed as a day trader, it is important to know how to pick the right and liquid stocks for Intraday trading. Often people are unable to make profits because they fail to select appropriate stocks to trade during the day.
  • Record your wining / Losing Trades: A trader should records his winning as well as loosing trades. This habit of recording or writing your trades enables trader to learn from past trading mistakes and improve his judgment during day trading.  He should learn from his loses and also learn from his gains too. This will make him more perfect and his success rates in day trading could go up higher day by day.
  • Keep Tap on News:  He should watch financial news channels like CNBC Awaaz, Zee Business, NDTV Profit, ET NOW, CNBC TV 18, CNBC Awaz etc so that he is updated with the latest happenings in global as well as Indian markets. Change of govt. policy, news likes a war like situation, government changes in general elections, and earthquake can have sudden negative impact on the market. You will be updated with the news by this TV channels if you watch them during market hours, when your money is at stakes.
  • Stop loss:  A trader should always trade with a stop loss in day trading. He should Strictly Follow the Stop Loss Decided at the Time of Buying or short selling the stock when he is doing day trading. He should not Change the stop loss in any circumstances to avoid big losses of his capital.
  • Ignore Rumors / Hot tips: Don’t trade on rumors, hot tips of penny stocks received by SMS or phone calls from unknown people. Do your own technical research by reading charts, indicators, if you don’t have the time to do research then you should hire the services of a Investment advisory like A1 Intraday Tips.
  • Don’t Over trade:  A trader should put less trades that to in a limited quantity as per his capital and risk taking abilities. Over trading is likely to turn his small profits in to big losses.

We at A1 Intraday Tips team have tried to give in-depth information about what a day trader should know before he jumps in sea of money i.e stock market to do day trading. A new Trader should start trading with low capital and increase the capital, when he gets more wining trades then the losing ones. No trader can make daily gains doing day trading in his entire life, sometimes he can have losses too, but if he learns from his mistake, he can surely make money from stock market.

If you are looking for the best intraday trading tipsA1 Intraday Tips will help you to gain maximum profit with minimum risk by providing the free intraday tips. For Free Trial you can register here to avail our Free Intraday Tips for 2 days. You can also download A1 Intraday Tips mobile app here. For more information call us at 07506090788 / 07600797534.

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Intraday Tips

What are the Sources of getting Tips for Intraday Trading?

Intraday trading can create a very good wealth for a longer period of time; if and only you have access to accurate and high-quality information i.e. is tips for day trading. There are many sources available to get Intraday trading tips but getting genuine research tips.  Telegram Channel / Whatsapp group / Subscribing to SMS Services of Advisory, Watching Stock market TV Channels, Reading Financial Newspapers / Stock market Magazines are some of the best sources to get share tips for day trading.  A trader should always check his  source  if really he has in-depth knowledge of stock market before he trades in the tips given by him to trade in NSE stock market. It’s now very difficult to get good accurate tips as lot of fake tips providers have started their telegram channels or websites too. 

Best Sources for getting Intraday Trading Tips

#1. Telegram Channels / Whatsapp Groups

The most popular way is to join a telegram channel / Whatsapp group about intraday trading, where you can get can get regular tips for trading and the news related to stock market.  Free Telegram Channels like and can be used to get daily intraday trading tips for traders who want to make money in stock market. Now a days there are 1000’s of free telegram channel and whatsapp group where you can join to get stock tips.  A trader should see / track their past performance before they start trading in their tips with their hard earned and saved capital. Some channels do provide research recommendations with targets, stoploss, and do proper follow-up of those share tips too, till target are hit or exits are given.  This is advisable as because a trader who doesn’t have technical knowledge can’t take their own decisions do exit or hold the stock, if the stocks move in the negative direction.

#2. Stock Market TV Channels

In India the business news channel are available in Hindi as wells as English languages.  A trader should watch Stock market related News Updates in the language that you want to watch on tv.   A Stock market news channel brings the latest news information on Share Market Live, analysis on equity / stock markets, Sensex, nifty, commodities, personal finance, mutual funds, insurance and loans. Stock market Business Channel like CNBC Awaaz, Zee Business, NDTV Profit, ET NOW, CNBC TV 18, CNBC Awaz, etc are available on TV.  If you are watching this TV channels, you too can get intraday trading tips from various advisors for free who are hired by those channels to advise their audience for day trading. 

#3. Financial Stock Market Websites

There are lots of financial stock market website like money control, economic times, investing,, who are providing lot of information that is helpful for day traders in doing intraday trading for profits.  They have paid subscriptions too, where they give you in-depth technical analysis of the stock for day, week and a month too.  You can also search for  intraday trading tips, in goggle, you will get links to lot of websites, they will provide you day trading related tip which can helpful for to make money on stock market.  A trader has to know that there could be some websites, which could be fake too.  We are not suggesting any website as there are lots of websites where you can get intraday trading tips.  If you really want genuine tips, then you should search for SEBI Registered Investment advisory websites.

#4. Stock market Youtube Channels

Market Maestroo are some of the best YouTube channels where you can important NSE updates, learn technical analysis.  Elearn Markets is one of the best channels on YouTube to learn all that you need to know about the stock market in India. The videos on Elearn markets covers topics on financial literacy, fundamental analysis, stock market trading, technical analysis, and much more. At present, they have about 5 lakh+ subscribers on their channel.  Super Trader Lakshya has around 2 lakh plus subscribers, has lot of content on bank nifty analysis, selling options.

Also if you find lot of other financial experts who have their own YouTube channels to provide full knowledge about day trading, make video related to Trading, then you can get share tips from him too.

#5. Financial News paper and Magazines 

Business Standard, Live mint, The Economic Times are the most loved financially newspaper in India read by traders and investors on regular basis. The most popular in India is Economic Times, which has around 3 million plus readerships across the country. It covers topics like the Indian economy, International business, corporate governance, stock, future and options, infrastructure, and currency markets. These are the lot of best financial magazines in India for anyone wanting to know about investments, taxation, insurance, and current news on finance.  They have a treasure of knowledge and the sooner you start reading them, you will become intelligent trader day by day. To get the most benefits out of these financial magazines, at least read two or three magazines on monthly basis, at least check them regularly. This way, you will be able to develop a solid understanding of the financial market and also get information that you can use to trade for your intraday gains in stock market.  Business today, Money, Outlook, Money life are some of the popular financial magazines who give complete information about companies and information about their stock listed in stock market.   Business today is an Indian fortnightly business magazine having readership of 3 Lakhs dedicated users.  Outlook Money covers news and views on mutual funds, real estate, banking, equity, stock futures, commodity market and insurance.  Money life a very good financial magazine also provides lot of information on personal finance; banking, finance and industry sectors from India, these magazines also cover stocks intraday trading stocks for day traders too. But traders should use these magazines to gain more knowledge about the stock, economy, current scenarios to get benefits from the same in stock market.

Though we have listed lot of sources for getting stock tips, a trader should always try to research the tips that he gets and then use the same for his intraday trades. Knowledge gaining is the foremost step to become a successful day trader in NSE market. If you don’t have time to learn and do research, then it’s necessary to hire some good investment advisory to avoid losses in NSE market by doing intraday trading.

If you are looking for the best intraday trading tips A1 Intraday Tips will help you to gain maximum profit with minimum risk by providing the free intraday tips. For Free Trial you can register here to avail our Free Intraday Tips for 2 days. You can also download A1 Intraday Tips mobile app here. For more information call us at 07506090788 / 07600797534.

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Intraday Tips

Who is the best Intraday Tips Provider for Equity Daily?

Today in Share Market lots of companies are providing stock investment tips but lot of companies are  fake particularly Indore based  companies.   It can be very difficult to find information about a best Intraday tips provider from lot of these companies that are giving stock tips in NSE stock market.

There are chances that you can land up paying your hard earned money as subscription fee to get share tips from some bogus provider and end up losing your capital.

Tips to find the best Intraday Tips Provider for Equity Daily

You can use following tips and tricks to find out the Best Intraday Tips Provider for Daily Equity stocks in India.

  1. Look for Company Information

You have to find the date of company launched, experience of the owner/partner/ consultants working for company. Try to find out if a the consultant who is send the share tips, is an educated and experience and is using correct Technical Analysis to create earning opportunities for you.

  1. SEBI Registration

Check out if the company is registered with SEBI as Investment Advisor. Only SEBI Registered investment advisor will do through technical research before sending share tips. They are well educated and possess required market knowledge to advise you to invest your hard earned money.

  1. Check past Performance Reports

If you have taken a free trial, compare the calls your received with their updated Past performance Reports online on their websites. Only Genuine Companies report true performance on their website.  Always Check the Listed share tips in their past performance reports with the share tips you received during your trial period.  

  1. Free Trial

Take a free trial first, before you subscribe and Get Paid Services from the Advisor. This will help you to make money using free share tips for 2 days and then you can pay fees using the money earned in your free trial. Free Trial Services, depend on company to company, but you should always try to take at least one day of free trial to check the services, before you subscribe to member services.

  1. Medium to Sending Share Tips

If a share tips company is using phone call to provide you share tips, as it may be providing different share tips to their customers. As lot of time will be spent when a person call and informs the clients about the tips, rates will surely changed, when he calls to second customer and tell him to trade in same tip. Therefore we think an SMS, Whatsapp or Live calls or even an android notification is best to send call on time for all customers at a time.   

  1. Total no of Share Tips in a Day

If an advisory company provides like 8-10 calls / Share tips in a day, then this services  is of  no use but if company is providing 4-5 calls in a day, that makes sense, as trader can trade  in the calls and can earn money.

  1. Trading Calls Opens at a Time

There should be not more that 2-3 calls open at a time, so that traders can use his margin to trade in all calls in a day. If a share tips providers given 4-5 calls in a day and all those calls are open, trader can’t trade in all calls using his margin and may missed an opportunity to earn in NSE market if any opportunity arise.  

  1. One Package with All Calls

If a company is providing premium package, jackpot package, Nifty packages and have different rates, than we should avoid such share tips companies. Try to always find a company giving all calls in one plan with one r ate. Try to choose an advisory that do not offer premium packages separately and charges high rates.

We all know it’s not easy for you to find the best company, as per the information as above but we are here to help day traders to make money. We will see to it that they trade in our calls and earn money in share market.

If you are looking for the best intraday trading tips A1 Intraday Tips will help you to gain maximum profit with minimum risk by providing the free intraday tips. For Free Trial you can register here to avail our Free Intraday Tips for 2 days. You can also download A1 Intraday Tips mobile app here. For more information call us at 07506090788 / 07600797534.

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intraday trading

How do I Use EMA for Intraday?

Helpful Tips for EMA Intraday Trading

If we consider the long-term delivery trading like a cricket test match, then the intraday trading is like 20-20 match. Yes, it is a fast game where you have very little time to decide.

Quick reflexes and fast reasoning ability are two fundamental characteristics that make the intraday trading successful.

An intraday trader has to possess a clear understanding of how a stock is trending and when the things turn worse?

To have a stronger grip over the subject; Exponential Moving Average or EMA is a useful way to gauge the market trend.

Since it is a chart, anybody can scan it quickly and understand quickly. When you look at EMA, no further analysis is needed. It gives to-the-point information cleanly and precisely.

Since timing is crucial in the intraday trading, EMA helps in quick actions.

To long or short the position, that is the question

When you have EMA as the reference point, you know what side of the market you have been trading.

When the stock trades below the EMA, certainly it is the time to short the position.

If it trades higher than the EMA, then entering long is always better.

Nevertheless, these statements are quite basic. While deciding about trading long or short, you will undoubtedly consider several other aspects as well.

How to use EMA effectively for intraday trading?

As mentioned earlier, the EMA is one of the popular strategies in stock trading. In fact, some of the intraday traders do trading on the basis of EMA. It becomes their primary trading strategy.

Fundamentally, the intraday trading relies on choosing a short-term EMA and a long-term EMA. The trading decision depends on the relation of short-term and long-term EMA.

In the case of intraday trading, not only the decision should come fast, but it has to be accurate as well. There is no scope for holding the position. It has to be square-off by the end of the trading session.

Hence, following EMA is quite helpful. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned trader, the exponential moving average is useful for all.

When you trade into stocks, nobody can say that the strategy followed by him is the best in the world. It is impossible to make such a strategy because the market is incredibly volatile.

However, concepts like EMA can help in deciding in a much-informed manner rather than playing blind.

If you are thinking for free intraday tips A1 Intraday Tips is always there to help you to give you maximum profit by minimum risk by providing best intraday trading tips. For Free Trial you can register here to avail our Free Intraday Tips for 2 days. You can also download A1 Intraday Tips mobile app here. For more information call us at 07506090788 / 07600797534

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Intraday Tips

How does a trading tips company give accurate Intraday Tips?

Here are a few secrets of accurate Intraday tips given by a trading company.

As the share market shows higher and higher rallies and both the SENSEX and NIFTY records new high, it boosts the confidence of investors. They put more money in the market to make it bullish further.

Though it is always suggested to invest in the mutual funds for the long-term investment, trading is also a good way of making money fast. Particularly for those who possess the in-depth understanding of the market movement.

In the daily trading market, people follow two types of strategies.

  • Intraday trade: In this trade, you buy and sell the same stock same day.
  • Delivery trade: Here, you buy the stock and sell on the subsequent trading day or later.

Intraday trading is a tricky business because you need to have a sound grip on the stock price movement. However, it is a more profitable option because the surcharge and taxes are less as compared to delivery option.

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Correct intraday tips can reap big profits for you

As mentioned earlier, one has to be very much vigilant and alert while trading intraday. To make the task easier, people use intraday tips sent by brokers or investment consultants.

It is a common observation that in most of the cases, the probability of earning handsome amount is 50%. It means, the so-called ‘sure shot tips’ also don’t work.

There are very few companies that give outstanding tips that rarely fail. Remember, it is possible to make profits by intraday trading only if you consistently earn well.

Even one or two trades can set-off the profits made earlier. Therefore, follow a company that has almost 100% success rate on record.

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How can a trading company give correct tips?

This question always comes in the minds of those who are indulged in stock trading. When the market is so volatile and uncertain, how can a few companies predict it up to such a high level of accuracy?

Well, it is a fact that no trading company can claim 100% success rate. Even if the success rate is 99%, it is pretty high.

Here are a few reasons companies achieve very high success rate in intraday trading:

  1. They have qualified research analysts who are experienced in the niche. Research says that people having more than five years of experience can give pretty good tips.
  2. The research analysts make use of accurate, real-time data from reliable sources.
  3. They make use of state-of-the-art software which gets updated according to the changing trends and market movements.
  4. These companies have outstanding IT infrastructure and incredibly accurate systems.
  5. Their analysis wing is constantly busy in modifying and enhancing the correctness of the processing logic using modern technology such as Java, C++, Python and so on.
  6. The analysts have a detailed knowledge of company performance, profit ratio, financial condition and other aspects of the stock. Hence, they can predict accurately with great precision.

If you are thinking for free intraday tips A1 Intraday Tips is always there to help you to give you maximum profit by minimum risk by providing best intraday trading tips. For Free Trial you can register here to avail our Free Intraday Tips for 2 days. You can also download A1 Intraday Tips mobile app here. For more information call us at 07506090788 / 07600797534.

Intraday Tips

Where can I Get the Best Tips for Intraday Trading?

Get the Best Tips for Intraday Trading

Tips for Intraday Trading – Intraday trading is riskier than investing in the regular stocks as the intraday stocks are to be dealt with in the same day. It is of utmost importance to understand the basics of the market, especially for beginners, to avoid losses. Individuals are advised to invest only the amount they can afford to lose, which will not affect their present standard of living.

Never blindly trust on things related to intraday trading

You cannot blindly trust any application or website or person for trading unless you are not sure on that trade by your own self. It would be really hard for me to suggest any one place where you can find the tips related to intraday trading as a tip works for me might not work for you, as the trading times and trading stocks might change because of multiple reasons. But I can suggest you some things which might help you to trade profitably in intraday.

The different sources of tips for intraday trading updates

The best thing you can do to stay updated regarding the activities going on in the market is to surf through various websites and news portals which provide you up to date information and news of the stock exchange. You can also use some applications like money control application which provides you a large variety of information which helps you to trade accordingly and achieve high profits.

Evaluate all types of data and information before acting on them

You should also not trust any random application which provides you tips just by showing you some fake data of their success rates. You need to surf through two to three websites so that you may know the authentication of the same information. In the initial stage you just need to observe the tips and see what might have happened if you have acted on that tip. That’s the best way to find out the authenticity of the information portal.

Key Takeaways

You need to test the suggestions or recommendations from any of the stock market sources before acting on it. The web or mobile apps need to be experienced before believing on them. Even the intraday trading consultants and advisors need to be authenticated before fully trusting on them. This is all what I can suggest you for getting some help for your successful intraday trades in the stock market.

If you are looking for the free intraday tips A1 Intraday Tips will help you to gain maximum profit with minimum risk by providing the best intraday trading tips. For Free Trial you can register here to avail our Free Intraday Tips for 2 days. You can also download A1 Intraday Tips mobile app here. For more information call us at 07506090788 / 07600797534.

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Intraday Tips

How good is to take intraday stock trading tips from stock advisory companies?

Taking advice from stock advisory companies on intraday trading has its own advantages but also comes with a risk tag as no stock advisory company is 100% accurate regarding their tips on share trading. Stock market is unpredictable even though some companies are able to judge the market accurately.

Hence it is very important to know the stock advisory company thoroughly, its track record as well as the professionals involved with the company, more so one has to zero down on a company based on their study of the market and history of their success.

Factors you should look for in a Stock Trading Company

Experienced stock trading companies study the technical aspects of the stocks by exploring the charts and trade accordingly.

As per your requirements, they should understand the factors that determine major movements in all aspects of the market. They should interpret the impact due to change in factors such as inflation, bank repo rate, reverse repo rate, GDP rate and factors such as inventory level in global commodities market. They must also discover factors affecting crude price due to uncertainties in Arabian countries, change that brings the movement in price which are sector specific all of which helps in success of the trade.

A sound stock trading company`s strength lies in the expert human resource they employ and who understand the basics of trading well. This helps them provide the best trading analysis. Such companies understand very well about the complexities a trader faces right from receiving the expert advice till the execution of the trade.

Your strategy

Initially you can start closely watching and analyzing for at least a few days the stock trading companies’ strategy, the calls they give on each day and verify the accuracy of their calls for some time before entering into a contract or starting business activity.

Also important is your individual knowledge which may be not exhaustive but should be at least adequate for you to relate and identify lucrative profit making companies, latest news of the market and market condition. Since blindly trusting a stock trading company and giving them the mandate to trade for you may lead to problems.


Remember day trading is stressful and has its disadvantages. It involves brokerage on each trade whether it is profit or loss and always carries a high risk of losing the capital over a short period of time due to many factors affecting the market beyond your or the company`s reach.

So it is beneficial to find a reliable stock advisory company which offers you accurate intraday stock trading tips for your financial success.

If you are looking for the free intraday tips A1 Intraday Tips will help you to gain maximum profit with minimum risk by providing the best intraday trading tips. For Free Trial you can register here to avail our Free Intraday Tips for 2 days. You can also download A1 Intraday Tips mobile app here. For more information call us at 07506090788 / 07600797534.

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Intraday Tips intraday trading Share Market Tips Stock Market

Stock Market Tips & Analysis by Sai Stocks – Press Release

Try not to take value exchanging as a simple amusement. As and when you make your initial step into the stock world, you have to know a few good and bad times and perils associated with exchanging. Sai stocks is one of the best intraday tips supplier organization which will share some helpful rules for exchanging.

Sai Stocks shares some valuable Intraday tips and examination before contributing

1.  Do exchanging just with surplus money: If you have to put it all on the line in the flimsy business division, contribute only the surplus money which you can stand to lose in the business area which won’t trouble your ordinary living. Make an effort not to place assets into the stock trade by offering your present assets, in light of the way that as empowering as the prospect to acquire more might be, the benefits are not guaranteed.

Read Full Press Release Here: INVESTOR ALERT: Stock Market Tips & Analysis by Sai Stocks