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What is the Best Intraday Tips App for an Indian Stock Market?

Best Intraday Tips App for an Indian Stock Market

There has been a drastic increase in the volume of trades done on stock market as compared to that in the past. The volume is constantly increasing day by day. Intraday trading is one of the types of trade presently done on a large scale on Indian stock exchange. Intraday means trading in a script which is purchased during the day and the same is sold out during that particular day only, without taking its delivery. The net amount of gain or loss needs to be settled by the trader to the agent or the member of the exchange.

Multiple applications available on different operating systems

There are various apps available on different operating systems and one of my much preferred application which is available on Android, Blackberry, iOS, Windows and also on Symbian system is “Money Control”. This application provides a large spectrum of features and services necessary for the traders of intraday. To stay up-to-date the application provides recent news and all the recent and foreseeable events that are yet to take place. It provides service of checking any stock price to creating your own portfolio and maintaining the same.

Multiple tips for intraday traders

Various tips for intraday traders are also available on this application which helps traders to deal in those stocks. But it is never recommended to do trading blindly on mere basis of those tips. It provides rates at which the trader should enter the trade and what the rates are expected during the day and also stop-loss rates are given for them.

Multiple features provided by different applications

Different trading applications provide a variety of features which allow users to get detailed and factual information regarding any required stock trading on stock market. It gives comprehensive data and information about the company from its inception to the present date. The application provides information on daily fluctuations in prices in a graphical manner which is quite useful for all the type of traders and trading categories. Beginner can also learn multiple things from these types of apps.

Key Takeaways

The major advantage of this type of applications is that, they are free of cost, work on all types of systems and they can also be used on desktop as well as on mobile, tablet and various other similar types of gadgets as well. You can also try the premium version of these trading applications.

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