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What are the Sources of getting Tips for Intraday Trading?

Intraday trading can create a very good wealth for a longer period of time; if and only you have access to accurate and high-quality information i.e. is tips for day trading. There are many sources available to get Intraday trading tips but getting genuine research tips.  Telegram Channel / Whatsapp group / Subscribing to SMS Services of Advisory, Watching Stock market TV Channels, Reading Financial Newspapers / Stock market Magazines are some of the best sources to get share tips for day trading.  A trader should always check his  source  if really he has in-depth knowledge of stock market before he trades in the tips given by him to trade in NSE stock market. It’s now very difficult to get good accurate tips as lot of fake tips providers have started their telegram channels or websites too. 

Best Sources for getting Intraday Trading Tips

#1. Telegram Channels / Whatsapp Groups

The most popular way is to join a telegram channel / Whatsapp group about intraday trading, where you can get can get regular tips for trading and the news related to stock market.  Free Telegram Channels like and can be used to get daily intraday trading tips for traders who want to make money in stock market. Now a days there are 1000’s of free telegram channel and whatsapp group where you can join to get stock tips.  A trader should see / track their past performance before they start trading in their tips with their hard earned and saved capital. Some channels do provide research recommendations with targets, stoploss, and do proper follow-up of those share tips too, till target are hit or exits are given.  This is advisable as because a trader who doesn’t have technical knowledge can’t take their own decisions do exit or hold the stock, if the stocks move in the negative direction.

#2. Stock Market TV Channels

In India the business news channel are available in Hindi as wells as English languages.  A trader should watch Stock market related News Updates in the language that you want to watch on tv.   A Stock market news channel brings the latest news information on Share Market Live, analysis on equity / stock markets, Sensex, nifty, commodities, personal finance, mutual funds, insurance and loans. Stock market Business Channel like CNBC Awaaz, Zee Business, NDTV Profit, ET NOW, CNBC TV 18, CNBC Awaz, etc are available on TV.  If you are watching this TV channels, you too can get intraday trading tips from various advisors for free who are hired by those channels to advise their audience for day trading. 

#3. Financial Stock Market Websites

There are lots of financial stock market website like money control, economic times, investing,, who are providing lot of information that is helpful for day traders in doing intraday trading for profits.  They have paid subscriptions too, where they give you in-depth technical analysis of the stock for day, week and a month too.  You can also search for  intraday trading tips, in goggle, you will get links to lot of websites, they will provide you day trading related tip which can helpful for to make money on stock market.  A trader has to know that there could be some websites, which could be fake too.  We are not suggesting any website as there are lots of websites where you can get intraday trading tips.  If you really want genuine tips, then you should search for SEBI Registered Investment advisory websites.

#4. Stock market Youtube Channels

Market Maestroo are some of the best YouTube channels where you can important NSE updates, learn technical analysis.  Elearn Markets is one of the best channels on YouTube to learn all that you need to know about the stock market in India. The videos on Elearn markets covers topics on financial literacy, fundamental analysis, stock market trading, technical analysis, and much more. At present, they have about 5 lakh+ subscribers on their channel.  Super Trader Lakshya has around 2 lakh plus subscribers, has lot of content on bank nifty analysis, selling options.

Also if you find lot of other financial experts who have their own YouTube channels to provide full knowledge about day trading, make video related to Trading, then you can get share tips from him too.

#5. Financial News paper and Magazines 

Business Standard, Live mint, The Economic Times are the most loved financially newspaper in India read by traders and investors on regular basis. The most popular in India is Economic Times, which has around 3 million plus readerships across the country. It covers topics like the Indian economy, International business, corporate governance, stock, future and options, infrastructure, and currency markets. These are the lot of best financial magazines in India for anyone wanting to know about investments, taxation, insurance, and current news on finance.  They have a treasure of knowledge and the sooner you start reading them, you will become intelligent trader day by day. To get the most benefits out of these financial magazines, at least read two or three magazines on monthly basis, at least check them regularly. This way, you will be able to develop a solid understanding of the financial market and also get information that you can use to trade for your intraday gains in stock market.  Business today, Money, Outlook, Money life are some of the popular financial magazines who give complete information about companies and information about their stock listed in stock market.   Business today is an Indian fortnightly business magazine having readership of 3 Lakhs dedicated users.  Outlook Money covers news and views on mutual funds, real estate, banking, equity, stock futures, commodity market and insurance.  Money life a very good financial magazine also provides lot of information on personal finance; banking, finance and industry sectors from India, these magazines also cover stocks intraday trading stocks for day traders too. But traders should use these magazines to gain more knowledge about the stock, economy, current scenarios to get benefits from the same in stock market.

Though we have listed lot of sources for getting stock tips, a trader should always try to research the tips that he gets and then use the same for his intraday trades. Knowledge gaining is the foremost step to become a successful day trader in NSE market. If you don’t have time to learn and do research, then it’s necessary to hire some good investment advisory to avoid losses in NSE market by doing intraday trading.

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