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How much money needed to start day trading in India?

Every business need capital, Capital to a day trader is like Cloths to a Cloth Store owner.

As you are doing day trading business, you need money as a capital to start your  business. Once you have finalised that you want to make Money by doing day trading in NSE market, you have to bring in your money to invest in the share market.  The money that is left with you after keeping aside funds  for your daily needs, for any emergency, can be transferred to your demat cum trading account for using it has a capital for your day trading business.

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Money Required to Start Day Trading

The quantum of money depends on person to person, a small trader can start with a capital of 5000 also and a Rich investor can start with a capital of 5 lakhs too.

if you are new to share market and even if you have lot of money, we still want you to start with a small capital of say 25,000 to start your day trading for some days. Later on if you are gaining confidence an also earning some money doing day trading, you can always increase the capital in the future. Risk capability differs person to person so any trader should take risk as per their capability.

We daily provide 4-5 intraday calls in a day with proper followup by sms to our clients. We don’t provide all 4-5 calls at a time, but send them one by one during the day. We see to it that not more than 2-3 calls are open at time.

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To Trade in our all calls you should have a capital of  around 1 Lakhs to 1.5 Lakhs with 5-7 times of intraday margin given by your broker to trade for the day.  If you start trading with us with a capital of 25,000 and your broker gives 7 times margin you tradable capital for the day becomes 1,75,000/– .  So Divide this capital in to 3 parts i.e  50,000 each.  Now trade each part in one call at at time. i.e Buy  or Short Shares worth Rs 50,000 in equity segment.  Trade our F&o call also in Cash Segment by Adjusting the rate difference in both the segment.

To Sum up,  a trader can start day trading with a small capital of  Rs 1000 also and trade in small quantities and can become a Very Investor by ploughing back the profits made by doing intraday trading in NSE market.

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