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Would You Suggest Intraday Trading For Beginner?

Yes, we should suggest intraday trading for beginner too, but they should follow the following things i.e advice, which would help them to succeed in day trading and earn a lot of money from the stock markets.

Learn first Earn Later

One thing is sure that there is an aura around the Nse stock market, and many traders have an assumption that they can earn a lot of money by doing intraday trading in stocks, futures or options and become millionaires in quick time than in any other business. Day trading means purchasing and selling security/stocks within a single trading day in NSE stock market.  To start with, traders who are new to stock trading need to learn first before they start doing actual intraday trading or day trading with their hard-earned money.  As an intraday trader, a trader should take three key important decisions when doing day trading viz when to buy, when to sell and when to sit tight. To achieve success in intraday trading the person should be aware of some simple practical and psychological intraday trading tips which one can get only with experience while doing actual intraday trading.  Day trading can only be done when a trader has knowledge of charts and indicators that are used for the same.

Understand the terms used in the Stock Market

 A Trader should learn the terms used in the stock market like Long Position, Short Position, Support Level, Stop loss, marking to market or mark to market (M2M), Bull Market, Bear Market, Market order and Limit orders, Trading Volume etc.  These technical terms are very important and every trader or investor should learn them.  Our Technical team has explained  Sixty important share market terms. Which if learnt will surely help them for their entire life in the stock market.

Tricks and strategies for day traders

Let us have a look at some tricks and strategies that can be helpful to intraday traders when trading in the Indian stock market.

  • We recommend traders to pick two or three shares or stocks that are highly liquid, otherwise, they may not be able to square off the positions due to low trading volumes for the stock that he has taken positions for the day.
  • As per the experts, intraday trading is not ideal for everyone as it needs the traders to have a practical approach. The Emotional factor plays a very important role in earning profits from intraday trading. If you are wondering how to make money with intraday trading in the shortest time possible, it is important to understand that there are no shortcuts and one can earn well with research and experience.
  • Day trading does not help one get rich overnight. Many traders start intraday trading with the assumption that they can get good money by making profits with just a single trade. But this is practically not possible and is not real while you trade. If you wish to earn well with intraday, then traders need to study, prepared and dedicate themselves and learn with experience. Intraday traders need to put effort for months so that they can understand the markets to earn profits.
  • On placing day trading orders, a day trader should decide on what will be your entry price, target price and also the stop loss for the trade. As a trader, you should not change your decision and stick to it unless some very bad or good news that could influence the market a lot.  Sometimes traders sell at a nominal rise and lose the opportunity to make very good gains in the same trade.
  • Never try to recover your losses through overtrading. if a traders buy a particular stock and suppose his stop loss gets triggered, He should exit from the stock. But some traders have a tendency to buy more or even double their position in the stocks which is called averaging in the share market. This overtrading can ruin your capital, so we advise traders to stick to their target and stop loss that they have decided earlier when they took positions in that stock.
  • Practice & More practice will make you a good intraday trader. We advise traders to do paper trading first; before that actually start trading with their hard-earned money to preserve their capital for the future.
  • Nowadays a lot of traders tend to trade in nifty options/bank nifty options (, as it requires low capital, but they can get them great returns. We advise traders to keep proper stop loss and targets before taking positions by buying call options or put options of nifty index or bank nifty index in the stock market.

Understanding that profits and losses are a part of intraday trading

Traders who study markets, and study charts using technical indicators can generate good profits every day doing intraday trading. Traders can start with reading markets and keep themselves updated with both domestic and international markets. They can also read about company updates, government updates and so on. These are those factors, which will affect the direction of stock markets and this is what the trader needs to concentrate.

Choose the best Broking for your Intraday Trades

Intraday trading involves a lot of trades, and that is done daily on market days.  A trader has to pay brokerage even though he makes big profits, losses or even small gains. The best broking platform should guarantee quick decision-making, the study of charts, putting of quick orders & also low brokerage charges. Before you finalize your broker, we recommend you to compare at least 3 to 4 brokers and then make your decision to open your Demat cum trading account with them.

Avoid trading against the Market

Sometimes it may happen that our predictions of market movement done by technical experts or professionals can also go wrong.  So it’s impossible to predict correct market movements for day trading beginners/ newbies, even if they are receiving guidance from experienced professionals and are using advanced tools or software for technical analysis. There are times when all technical factors indicate a bullish market, prompting one to expect stocks to rise. However, it could hit the resistance levels or some heavy selling by some mutual funds or the market prefers to disagree, and the stock price goes on a decline. This means the suggestive factors need not provide any windfall guarantees. If the market moves against your expectations, you must sell the stock as soon as it hits your stop-loss level to avoid huge losses.

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What should you Know before Trying Intraday Trading?

About Intraday Trading

Intraday trading means buying or short selling stocks or taking long or short positions in securities and squaring off the positions before the end of the trading day. The day trader can executes his buy and sell order in a gap of 1 min, in a 1 hour or even in 4-6 hours, but he should square off his positions before market close, is term as day trade. The tools and techniques used for Intraday trading are fundamentally different from those used for long-term investing.  Day trading requires two entities / traders for a trade, one trader to sell and the other trader to buy the same stock. The stock market is very volatile; it can go up and sometime can come down too. A day traders should not trade and depend only on the market going up. A trader can make a profit even when the market is going down, by first short selling the stock and covering his short sell order by buying the stock at lower price after some time, before market close. Technical Analysis i.e Reading charts, using technical indicators should be done before you do day trading in a particular stock in NSE share market.

A trader needs to do good research to buy stocks for Intraday trading, and he should as per the market trend. Intraday traders have to be quick on their moves of buying and selling with strict stop loss. Trader should know and follow some strict Discipline which is very important if they really want make gains in day trading.

Here you know what is important before you try Intraday trading.

Important to Know before you Try Intraday Trading

  • Open a Demat cum Trading a/c.:   You will be needed a Demat cum Trading Account to start your trading. We want every day trader do proper research and read the terms of services before you register with a good broker and fill their forms to open your trading account. Account opening charges, Annual Maintenance Fees, Transaction fees should be discussed and compares with available broking houses in your local area/ city.
  • Learn to Use the Trading Software: Before a trader Execute his First Intraday Trade a trader should learn to use the trading software, given by his broker to trade in share market. He should know how to put buy / short sell orders in NSE market. He should know about market orders and limit orders too. He should have knowledge of putting stop loss orders. He should learn about equity, stock futures, options, trading indicators etc.
  • Trade with the Extra Money not Emergency Money:  Trader should keep aside some emergency money and use only the extra money he has to do day trading. Day trading can be risky, as any bad news can make market crash at any time, and any good news and make it go higher in matter of minutes. Also trader has to keep some emergency money with him, which he should not use for day trading.  This is because In any case, if any day trade goes the other way and trader suffers loss, this should not matter to his day to day life.
  • Do Paper Trading: Paper trading also called as Virtual trading or trading without risking your money.  To avoid your capital losses, we advise trader to do paper trading before they actually start trading in NSE market with their real money.  When they start making profits doing paper trading, we advise them to shift to actual online trading with your own hard earned money.
  • Proper Entry and Exit:  Traders should have several day trading strategies to determine when to enter at a particular price and when to exit at correct price. A combination of support and resistance prices of a stock can be used to take call on day trading entry and exit levels. Timing is the key in Intraday trading. If trade happens on a proper time, you can make profits and vice versa.
  • Smart and Consistent Trading Plan: You need a trading plan because it can help you make logical trading decisions and define the parameters of your ideal trade. A good trading plan will help you to avoid making emotional decisions in the heat of the moment.  A trader should prepare a smart plan and stick to his day trading plan, which includes his daily trading goals, his available capital for daily trades, his time commitment, his attitude to risk etc.
  • Choose liquid stocks:  A Day trader should trade in highly liquid stocks, he should stay away from Volatile stocks as well as in penny stocks.  Normally Stock listed in Derivative Segment, Futures segment, Nifty 50 stocks or Nifty 100 stocks have very good volume and traders should choose stocks from the same. To succeed as a day trader, it is important to know how to pick the right and liquid stocks for Intraday trading. Often people are unable to make profits because they fail to select appropriate stocks to trade during the day.
  • Record your wining / Losing Trades: A trader should records his winning as well as loosing trades. This habit of recording or writing your trades enables trader to learn from past trading mistakes and improve his judgment during day trading.  He should learn from his loses and also learn from his gains too. This will make him more perfect and his success rates in day trading could go up higher day by day.
  • Keep Tap on News:  He should watch financial news channels like CNBC Awaaz, Zee Business, NDTV Profit, ET NOW, CNBC TV 18, CNBC Awaz etc so that he is updated with the latest happenings in global as well as Indian markets. Change of govt. policy, news likes a war like situation, government changes in general elections, and earthquake can have sudden negative impact on the market. You will be updated with the news by this TV channels if you watch them during market hours, when your money is at stakes.
  • Stop loss:  A trader should always trade with a stop loss in day trading. He should Strictly Follow the Stop Loss Decided at the Time of Buying or short selling the stock when he is doing day trading. He should not Change the stop loss in any circumstances to avoid big losses of his capital.
  • Ignore Rumors / Hot tips: Don’t trade on rumors, hot tips of penny stocks received by SMS or phone calls from unknown people. Do your own technical research by reading charts, indicators, if you don’t have the time to do research then you should hire the services of a Investment advisory like A1 Intraday Tips.
  • Don’t Over trade:  A trader should put less trades that to in a limited quantity as per his capital and risk taking abilities. Over trading is likely to turn his small profits in to big losses.

We at A1 Intraday Tips team have tried to give in-depth information about what a day trader should know before he jumps in sea of money i.e stock market to do day trading. A new Trader should start trading with low capital and increase the capital, when he gets more wining trades then the losing ones. No trader can make daily gains doing day trading in his entire life, sometimes he can have losses too, but if he learns from his mistake, he can surely make money from stock market.

If you are looking for the best intraday trading tipsA1 Intraday Tips will help you to gain maximum profit with minimum risk by providing the free intraday tips. For Free Trial you can register here to avail our Free Intraday Tips for 2 days. You can also download A1 Intraday Tips mobile app here. For more information call us at 07506090788 / 07600797534.

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What are Some Important Intraday Trading Advice?

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What are Some Important Intraday Trading Advice?

Important Intraday Trading Advice for Day Traders

We have listed top 6 most important advises useful for day traders as below.

  1. Research the Trend of the Market

SGX Nifty is an indicator being used by Indian Markets to predict Nifty Opening at 9:15 AM as Singapore markets open around 2.5 hours before Indian markets.  SGX Nifty is available for trade from 6:30 AM to 11:30 PM as per Indian time.  The First thing is that, a trader should analyse SGX Nifty, its trend in International Market, before our NSE opens for trade at 09:15 am. A Trader should find the market trend in first few minutes of opening of NSE market for trade. Always buy strong stocks in uptrend and Short Sell weak stock in downtrend first and square off your positions later.

  1. Finalizing you Daily Profit and Loss Limit

A trader who wants to do day trading has to finalize his daily profit and loss target. Once He gets the decided profits, he should square off his all positions and stop trading for the day. Even if he makes losses on his trades, i.e. he is losing the money that he had fixed for the day. He should exit his positions, book loss and close the trading application for the day.

  1. Selecting Right Stocks for Trade

Once the trader is ready with the Market trend, he should select the best sector first and then the best stock in that sector, where that trend will work and he can make money. There are 1000 of stocks available for day trading, traders should look for Liquid stocks i.e. stock have good volume. Also stocks those are volatile medium volatile stocks or high volatile stocks should be considered for day trading. We have best team in our Research who will always help you by giving best stock tips to trade and make money in stock market.

  1. Putting your Orders and Booking Profits

One you have decided the stock to trade, timing of the trade is very important. A Buy order or even a short sell order executed at right time can increased the profit that you making in your trade. Whenever you put any trade, may be a buy and sell later or even a short sell and cover order later, decide the targets and stop loss for the trade. Don’t ever change the Stop Loss of the same under any circumstances.  You can book profits on regular intervals if you are trading in Equity Cash.  A Trader can increase his profits on good trade by Changing Stop loss. If a trader has purchased a 100 Shares  of Stock “A”  at a price of 100  with a SL of 95 and Target of 105 and 107. After few minutes’ stock moves to 103 Levels, here a trader can changed the stop loss to 101 and target one to 107.  Again after few minutes stock moves ahead and reached 105. Trader can again changed his stop loss from 101 to 103 and his target from 107 to 109 levels. Trader can also booked part profit by selling 25 to 50 Shares at this level and hold the balance to sell for higher profits.

  1. Be a Trader not a Investor

If you are a trader, be a trader, don’t ever become investor. Some traders take long positions in the stock that they have taken for day trade. They do this to avoid loss for the day and thinking that after few days the stock can again move up and they can make profits instead of the loss. This Strategy will ruin your hard earned capital, so avoid it. 

  1. Analysing you Trades

Some time your some trades may go wrong and sometimes you could make lot of money.  Once Market is close, we request you open your trading book and write your own report of the trades done by you and what went wrong and which decision was right.  This will help you to avoid loss making trades in the future.

Traders should avoid trading for few minutes when market opens for trade and also when market is closing for the day.  If you are a newbie to trade, trade in small quantities first, later on when you get experienced, you can trade as per your requirement.  We say that market is a sea of money, if you follow the advice as above, you will surely earn lot of money doing day trading.

If you are looking for the best intraday trading tips A1 Intraday Tips will help you to gain maximum profit with minimum risk by providing the free intraday tips. For Free Trial you can register here to avail our Free Intraday Tips for 2 days. You can also download A1 Intraday Tips mobile app here. For more information call us at 07506090788 / 07600797534.

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What is Positional Trading? Best technical Indicators for Positional Trading

Positional trading is another form of investing where people hold their positions long-term with the expectation they will become profitable. Useful is subjective but there are general guidelines you can use when seeking out best indicators for your position trading. Everyone wants to earn huge profits by stock trading. However, very few people succeed in it. What happens to others? Why are they not able to hit the Bull’s Eye?

The answer is simple, they don’t remain consistent with one strategy and keeps hopping. The traders follow several stock trading experts and try to use the tips and tricks given by everyone.

It is pronounced that they end up with making marginal profits and sometimes, loss!

Experts say that one who follows a fundamental strategy such as positional trading and works on it gets a remarkable success consistently.

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The blog talks about the salient aspects of positional trading.

What is Position Trading?

Before we move further, let’s understand what positional trading is?

It involves holding a stock for a few days, weeks or months; sometimes, a few years. Yes, patience the key here.

The concept is not very much different from other long-term investment strategies where you remain invested with the expectation of reaping good profits.

It doesn’t mean you don’t have any selling opportunity here. The positional trading also includes selling opportunities based on positional trading indicators. They are derived based on fundamental analysis. Hence, they are accurate.

What are positional trading indicators and how are they useful?

The long-term positional trading strategy uses 200-Day EMA, 50-Day EMA to decide the fate of the stock holding.

These exponential moving averages are considered the best averages to evaluate a positional holding. Just by checking the moving average crossover, you can understand the overall market trend for that stock.

When the 50-Day EMA crosses the 200-Day EMA, it means the market is bullish (the Golden Cross).

The reverse indicates a bearish market (the Death Cross).

The third indicator, the RSI indicator is used to determine the appropriate time for profit booking.

Buying when the stock price closes above the 200-Day EMA would be the right strategy. Since 200-Day EMA is considered the most potent positional trading indicator, it determines the direction of the trend.

It is essential to have a thorough understanding of the trends before you move further.

When the positional trading strategy is used, the chances of reaping profit increase phenomenally. It is a time-tested strategy that always works.

However, it is essential to have a long-term perspective, a lot of patience, and the capability of ignoring short-term market turmoil.

Nothing can produce wealth other than having a long-term perspective and the power of compounding.

Download A1 Intraday Tips Mobile App

If you are looking for the best intraday trading tips A1 Intraday Tips will help you to gain maximum profit with minimum risk by providing the free intraday tips. For Free Trial you can register here to avail our Free Intraday Tips for 2 days. You can also download A1 Intraday Tips mobile app here. For more information call us at 07506090788 / 07600797534.

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How do I Use EMA for Intraday?

Helpful Tips for EMA Intraday Trading

If we consider the long-term delivery trading like a cricket test match, then the intraday trading is like 20-20 match. Yes, it is a fast game where you have very little time to decide.

Quick reflexes and fast reasoning ability are two fundamental characteristics that make the intraday trading successful.

An intraday trader has to possess a clear understanding of how a stock is trending and when the things turn worse?

To have a stronger grip over the subject; Exponential Moving Average or EMA is a useful way to gauge the market trend.

Since it is a chart, anybody can scan it quickly and understand quickly. When you look at EMA, no further analysis is needed. It gives to-the-point information cleanly and precisely.

Since timing is crucial in the intraday trading, EMA helps in quick actions.

To long or short the position, that is the question

When you have EMA as the reference point, you know what side of the market you have been trading.

When the stock trades below the EMA, certainly it is the time to short the position.

If it trades higher than the EMA, then entering long is always better.

Nevertheless, these statements are quite basic. While deciding about trading long or short, you will undoubtedly consider several other aspects as well.

How to use EMA effectively for intraday trading?

As mentioned earlier, the EMA is one of the popular strategies in stock trading. In fact, some of the intraday traders do trading on the basis of EMA. It becomes their primary trading strategy.

Fundamentally, the intraday trading relies on choosing a short-term EMA and a long-term EMA. The trading decision depends on the relation of short-term and long-term EMA.

In the case of intraday trading, not only the decision should come fast, but it has to be accurate as well. There is no scope for holding the position. It has to be square-off by the end of the trading session.

Hence, following EMA is quite helpful. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned trader, the exponential moving average is useful for all.

When you trade into stocks, nobody can say that the strategy followed by him is the best in the world. It is impossible to make such a strategy because the market is incredibly volatile.

However, concepts like EMA can help in deciding in a much-informed manner rather than playing blind.

If you are thinking for free intraday tips A1 Intraday Tips is always there to help you to give you maximum profit by minimum risk by providing best intraday trading tips. For Free Trial you can register here to avail our Free Intraday Tips for 2 days. You can also download A1 Intraday Tips mobile app here. For more information call us at 07506090788 / 07600797534

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What Strategy Should I follow While Trading Intraday on NSE?

Successful Intraday Trading Strategies for NSE

Intraday trading is the most productive thing, but it is equally risky also. It is an entirely different ball game as compared to long-term equity investment.

It is like moving from the traditional test match to the 20-20 format. You need to change the mindset completely.  

Yes, intraday trading is indeed riskier than the conventional delivery trading. However, it has the potential of earning a fortune.

When the market is highly volatile and shows significant movements, intraday traders are the happiest people. Those who know the pulse of the NSE market reap enormous profits.

Intraday trading experts say that it is not a great idea to jump into it without any preparation. One should get a firm hold over the rules and strategies first.

Look at the stock trend

As mentioned earlier, you can earn superb profits through intraday trading. At the same time, you may end up with losing the entire money if you pick wrong stocks.

What is the secret behind picking the correct stock?

According to intraday trading expert, knowledge is the key to success. To predict how a stock will move tomorrow, you must know how it has moved yesterday?

Weak trends or incorrect assumptions will yield losses for you. Some important trends are:

  • Open price for the day
  • Stock volume
  • Delivery percentage and quantity
  • Future and options
  • Price movement

Initiate the trade early

“Early birds get the worm”; the cliché holds true in case of intraday trading. According to the experts, the first 15 minutes are highly crucial.

The most turbulent time gets over, and the price stabilizes. The movement after that is limited.

If you are sure about the trend, then hold the position within five minutes of opening. Square off the position if you are sure about the price movement.

Fix your loss and profits

Yes, the biggest enemy of the intraday trader is greed. It can take away the whole profit in one shot.

For every trade, you must have the uppermost margin for profit and loss both. AS soon as you achieve the limit, sell out the stock.

Don’t regret if the stock price goes high later. It is part of the game.

Never get trapped into speculations

You will get hundreds of tips and so-called sell-buy suggestions once you start intraday trading. Remember, 99% of them are not legitimate.

They are governed by speculations and should not be trusted.  Follow the tips of genuine stock trading companies. However, always listen to your ‘inner voice’.

If you are thinking for free intraday tips A1 Intraday Tips is always there to help you to give you maximum profit by minimum risk by providing best intraday trading tips. For Free Trial you can register here to avail our Free Intraday Tips for 2 days. You can also download A1 Intraday Tips mobile app here. For more information call us at 07506090788 / 07600797534

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Why Do People Fail As Intraday Traders?

3 Reason to Avoid Day Trading Failures

“No lunch is free”, you must have heard the phrase. What does it mean? It means one must work hard to earn money.

The same is true with intraday trading as well. Many people start enthusiastically with anticipation of becoming rich overnight.

However, 90 percent of them exit within a few months after losing all the money they invested.

Why is there such an enormous percentage of failures?

It is because people don’t understand the rules of the game. Due to the haste of reaping huge profits overnight, they commit repeated mistakes.

Only those who spend adequate time in understanding the nitty-gritty of it succeed in the long-term.

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Traders make repeated mistakes

In the intraday trading, everyone makes mistakes, but the novice traders make blunders. They believe in the tips sent by so-called investment consultants.

These tips are based on market speculations only, and there is no rationale. Hence, the stock prices do not show price variation during the trading session.

Since the stock must square up at the end of the trading session, there is no option than booking loss.

When it happens repeatedly, traders lose confidence. They start playing safe. It reduces the profit margin and loses the whole purpose of intraday trading.

Experts say that people having deep pockets should only choose it.

There is no point in trying it if the sustainability is low.

People don’t prepare for it

Another important reason for the failure is that people jump into it without any preparation.

They don’t study the market behavior. They don’t know the high and low of a stock. They don’t read the company parameters.

Based on the advice or tip from some broker, they put the hard-earned money at stake.

If the fundamentals are not clear and there is no profound knowledge of the subject, it is obvious that the trade doesn’t earn profits.

People ignore the timings

In the intraday trading, one needs to be extremely cautious about the timings.

Entry and exit points shouldn’t be missed.

While buying a stock, decide at what price you will exit the holding; low and high both.

The moment the stock reaches the desired high price, book the profit.

If the price falls gradually, then square off the position at the stop loss price.

One who doesn’t follow it lands into trouble. Self-control is essential to minimize the loss.

If everyone follows discipline, then intraday trading will reap great fortune!

Download A1 Intraday Tips Mobile App

If you are thinking for free intraday tips A1 Intraday Tips is always there to help you to give you maximum profit by minimum risk by providing best intraday trading tips. For Free Trial you can register here to avail our Free Intraday Tips for 2 days. You can also download A1 Intraday Tips mobile app here. For more information call us at 07506090788 / 07600797534

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How to Get Success by Using Intraday Tips in Day Trading?

Best Intraday Tips for getting Success in Day Trading

Intraday trading is something that can make you rich speedily. At the same time, it is a speedy way of losing tons of money as well.

Experts say that use of accurate intraday tips and the right strategy can lead you to the path of success.

Finding the right stocks and entering and exiting at the right moment; the two success mantras!

The risk in intraday trading is high, so as the earning potential. The blog explains a few simple yet effective tricks to reap the real benefit of it.

  • The rules of normal share-trading don’t apply here. When you trade in stocks by taking delivery of the shares, you have time to hold the profit or loss as per your wish. In case of intraday, you must square off the position before the trading session ends. Hence, two factors are important; timing and accuracy.
  • While delivery method relies on fundamentals such that market correction, trading sentiments, economic and regulatory aspects; intraday trading is purely driven by speculations. Therefore, you must follow a trading expert who has an excellent track record of making profit.
  • Investment in the intraday trading should be limited to the money one can afford to lose. There is no limit to the greed. Therefore, you must decide the limit beforehand.
  • Stop loss is the most important thing when you trade intra-day. You must exit from a holding immediately when it touches the stop-loss price. Never stay beyond it.
  • You should always make the profit target just like you make stop-loss target. Sell the stock and exit as soon as it reaches your profit target. Never stay beyond that in anticipation of earning more. Always remember, fear and greed both are the hurdles in intraday trading.
  • Don’t get influenced by market rumors about a stock. You may get contradictory tips that will prevent you from taking the right decision. Follow one tip and square off the position by booking profit or loss before the trading session closes.
  • When you do intraday trading, there is no room for committing mistakes. Therefore, one should start with small trades where the profit as well as loss is minimal. Once the knack is mastered, the next level should be tried.
  • Build your own strategy. Don’t follow others blindly. Every person has a different rationale. Try to find out yours.

These tips are indeed helpful in mastering the skill of intraday trading and reaping big profits.

If you are thinking for free intraday tips A1 Intraday Tips is always there to help you to give you maximum profit by minimum risk by providing best intraday trading tips. For Free Trial you can register here to avail our Free Intraday Tips for 2 days. You can also download A1 Intraday Tips mobile app here. For more information call us at 07506090788 / 07600797534.

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