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How can I Buy Shares in NSE India?

Dreams to Make Money from Stock Market

A person enters stock market with lots of dreams and expectations of making lot of money. He plans to invest his hard earned savings, Buy Shares in NSE Market and make lakhs in return in quick time. There are lot of persons who have really earned lot of money by investing in stock market, but there are also lot of people who have lost their savings.

Before you enter share market, A1 Intraday tips a SEBI Registered Investment Advisory recommend’s you to use your saving to pay off your high interest debt like personal loans, credit card due etc. Also any if you have to pay school /tuition fees of your children, keep aside that money and don’t invest. If you need money for any marriage expensed/ family tour in coming months, kindly don’t buy stock or shares with that money. Your investment should not affect your life, so keep emergency money with you before you invest.

Basics Requirement to Start Investing

Saving A/c in Bank: An Individual Should have a Saving Bank Account with a Reputed Bank.

Trading & Demat A/C: A Individual should also open and demat cum trading account with any broker or bank that is giving the demat cum trading services like ICICI bank which gives services at

Computer /Laptop / Mobile / Landline: To process buy / sell orders, an individual should also have computer / laptop or mobile to install and open the application and put his trades. He can also use landline connection to call his broker and put his orders.

Internet Connection: If the individual is placing his orders online via computer/ laptop or mobile, he should have internet connection too.

Demat / Cum Trading A/C

First very important step is to Choose your Broker and get your Demat cum Trading A/C opened with the broker. Compare all the costs of buying, selling, and holding stocks, mutual funds, etc with all the available broking companies. Don’t compare only commissions that you pay them on your trading, but also compare other costs too like margin interest and other service charges if any.

Research & Invest in NSE market

Once you have open a trading cum demat account with any broking houses from our list of Top 10 Broking Houses in India. Then you have transferred some amount to your trading account. This amount credited to your trading account will be used to do trading or investment. The first step is to research, if you are new to stock market, you can hire a SEBI Registered Investment advisory, who can guide you to make profitable trades. If you have adequate knowledge of stock market, you can also read the charts, study markets and then start trading in share market.

A Traders can Buy Shares in NSE market to sell at higher rates after some time to make money. An NSE market is a sea of money, a Investor should be able to swim in it can take small profits at every interval. Don’t dive inside to much i.e. Do not take risk; always put a stop loss to save your hard earned money

A person with dreams of making money in share market should enter the market, when everyone is selling due to some emergency like situation like Covid 2019 – Epidemic or Financial Crisis of 2007–2008.

We advised a investor to keep investing the SIP way, in share market to get maximum returns from share market over a longer duration. Investing the SIP way is to buy shares in small; small qty at every interval may be daily/ weekly etc.

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