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We give Two Stocks as pre-opening call in nse markets

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Pre-opening Session in NSE Stock Market?

Our Technical Stock Advisory Team at A1 Intraday Tips Give Two Research Scrips using Technical Analysis as Pre-Opening calls before opening the Nse share market. You have to keep close watch on this stock during the Pre-open Session and also for few mins after the Market Opens for Normal trade. Pre opening call is for online traders and not for off line traders who don’t track stock market on continuous basis. Read this Webpage to Know what is our Pre-Opening Call & how to trade in opening call in NSE Share Market so as to make money. If you are an online intraday trader then we can help you to earn money using our this pre-opening calls in Nse stock market.

The Pre-open session is for duration of special 15 minutes before market opens. (9:00 am to 9:15 am.) The Pre-open session is consisting of Order collection period and order matching period. The pre-open session is a new innovation to arrive at the ideal opening price of scrip for the current trading session. The session intends to reduce volatility in the beginning of a day. Under this new arrangement, an exchange will collect orders for the first few minutes of this session.

What is Pre-opening Call in NSE Stock Market?

A1 Intraday Tips Tips normally give two opening stocks as our our Best Pre opening calls before the share market opens by sms. Also we will give you Buy / Sell Recommendation in this Pre opening call. You have to put these two stocks on your trading screen of your monitor. (Stock to Watch - Top Stocks), and have to keep an eye on the movement of these stocks.

As soon as the stocks start to move up, any time during the day, you are advised to buy these stocks in qty's and sell on every rise in small, small qty. If stock goes down immediately sell all qty which you have purchased for intraday. If again same stock start to move up repeat same strategy, as mentioned above. You can trade any number of times during the day and you will tend to make good profit.

It is not necessary that stock will go up only in morning session or when market opens. Sometimes our pre opening call may open down and further go down, don’t buy those stock at that time. Buy only and only when stock start to move up from any level. Our Pre opening call can go up any time during the market hours between 09.15 AM to 03:30 PM

We Recommend this Pre-opening call only for Online Traders, Offline Traders or Traders who trade with there Brokers on Phone Should Not Trade in our Opening Call as that can be Risky.

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Sample of our Pre-Opening Call

We Send Pre-opening call before market opens for trade, usually between 08:45 A.M.- 09:00 A.M. by SMS & Android Notifications


We Recommend you to keep both the stock on your trading screen, and watch the trend of the stock, when market opens for trade. In the opening call we have recommended to buy HDFCBANK and KOTAKBANK, If you see a up move in any of the stock for example HDFCBANK, you can buy the stock, also you only decide the target and stop loss for the HDFCBANK. You are advised the booked the profits when stock Hits the targets. You can trade any number of times, i.e when ever you see that stock is moving up, you can trade in that stock and earned money.

Kindly note that as per our Research, the stock can go up by 3-5% or even more during the day. But you have take the positions only & only if its moving up. Its also possible that stock could correct by 1-2% and then it my start to moved up. Once its start moving up from any level, you are advised to Buy the stock and booked profits at higher levels.

Features of our Opening Call

  • We send Two Stocks in our Pre Opening call every market day before market opens.

  • Our Pre Opening call has accuracy of 85% to 90%.

  • We will only provide the name of the two stocks, and We will never mention the quantity to trade in our opening call. We will also not give Targets or Stop Loss for this call. Client can trade as per his risk profile.

  • No Follow-up of this call will be given by us by Email or on Phone.

  • This call is only for Risky intraday traders who have large extra capital, and are willing to take Risk.

Snap Shot of Our Opening Call

Important : Please don't forget that you have to Buy only & only when stock start to move up do not buy if stock go down & also do not average if stocks price is going down just exit and booked the loss. Click here To View Snap Shot of our Opening Call

Short Sell Pre Opening Call Strategy

  • Short Only when stock start to move go down.

  • Do not Short when stock is going up.

  • If the Market is in Bullish trend Avoid to short sell.

  • Do not forget to square up your position before closing the market.

  • Only Professional traders advise to short in bearish trend.

  • If we have given short sell recommendation in our pre-opening call you have to apply above same strategy but reverse way. Short sell the stock when it is going down and start buying later and don't short-sell in Bullish Market.

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