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Equity Trading Tips for day traders in nse

Intraday Equity Trading Tips (Cash Call) for NSE Stock Market

If you are looking for Equity Trading tips provider for NSE Stock Market then your search ends here. We offer best intraday Tips in cash segment. You can test our free equity tips.

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What is Intraday Equity Trading ?

Intraday equity trading means trading stock in NSE cash segment. Day trading is trading only within a day, such that all open positions are square-off before the market closes at 03:30 pm or even earlier by 03.00 pm. Some day traders use an intra-day technique known as scalping where positions are hold for only few seconds or few minutes. Day trading can be extremely profitable and in some cases trader can suffer huge losses too.

Our First Call after market opens is in equity or cash segment with entry, target stop loss and Qty of Share to Buy/Sell. We give full follow-up of this call till the call is open. Our Success ratio for Intraday Equity Tips Service is above 85% to 90%. Risky traders can also trade this Cash Call in f&o segment by adjusting the Rate Difference in f&o segment.

Advantage of Equity or Cash Trading

In cash trading your chance of getting profit from trading is more than other ways of trading in the stock market. The main advantage of cash trading is that there is no set time limit for buying and selling the stocks unlike the margin trading and derivative trading. So when you are trading in cash segment you can hold the stocks for as much time as you want until you get the desired profit. My Stock Tips provide free Intraday tips for two days on your mobile by sms.

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Disadvantage of Equity or Cash Trading

The biggest disadvantage of cash trading is of course the more brokerage charge and taxes that you have to pay for delivery trading. Mostly the brokerage for the cash trading is 10 times higher than margin trading. But of course you can reduce this brokerage rate by opting for the online stock trading portals where the brokerage rate is significantly lower than the traditional broking houses

Why I should Trade in equity Call?

Generally small intraday stock traders who don’t want to take too much risk in F&o Segment, prefer to trade in nse cash segment. There is low risk in trading in Intraday Cash Segment then in F&o Segment. If you are a new trader or a beginner in NSE Stock market, then start trading in Cash Segment. Later you can trade in NSE F&O Segment in Nse Stock Market.

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